River Days - June 16, 2012

Don't forget! Bring your families out to enjoy a day outdoors with DRBA! 

Pictures and updates about the event will follow!

Images of the River  & Rhymes of the River  - DRBA Showcases Children's Artwork and Poetry

Display of all of the art work and poetry submitted displayed at North Elementary. (February 2011)

   Art and poetry about rivers and trails by Caswell County students will be showcased in local schools through May, 2012. Art projects were submitted by elementary students and poetry was submitted by middle and high school students. The Dan River Basin Association (DRBA) coordinated the student art and poetry program to increase the awareness of river and trail preservation. 

   There were over 50 creative entries submitted to the exhibit. DRBA was thrilled at the amount of hard work that was put towards these projects. The display created from all of the entries will be traveling through the elementary schools of Caswell County until May. For the month of June, it will be on display in the Gunn-Memorial Library of Yanceyville, North Carolina. We plan to have many more programs with the students of Caswell County because it is important to promote the preservation and conservation of the Dan River Basin. 

   In Caswell County, DRBA is currently planning a scavenger hunt for grades three through five for the last week of April. We are hoping all of the elementary schools are able to participate! 

New Trail for Yanceyville - Come Out and Lend a Hand

Save the Date – June 4: Trail Building in Caswell County

Join us on Saturday, June 4 from 9-12 as the Dan River Basin Association (DRBA) begins construction of a multi-use trail system adjacent to Oakwood Elementary School in Yanceyville. The Southern Virginia Mountain Biking Association (SVMBA) will provide expert training on trail building techniques. Snacks and drinks will be available for all volunteers. So, dress in layers, bring your gloves and wear your boots to join the fun!

We will meet at the end of Sunline Drive in the cul-de-sac. Sunline Drive is off of Firetower Road and is the access road to Wizard’s Cauldron.

Please contact DRBA Program Manager Chad Hall at 336-344-0608 or chall@danriver.org to be added to the volunteer list.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Gathering Mistletoe on the Upper Little River - by Forrest Altman

Join DRBA on the Upper Little River, a tributary of the Cape Fear River, in search of luscious Mistletoe sprigs.

Again this year I’ll be bringing my sprigs home and making them into saleable bouquets for sale to benefit recreation planning in Caswell County. If you come along and get more luscious boughs full of big fat light-gray berries than you can use, drop them in MY bag, please.

Bring a long pole for grappling or pruning the sprigs. No shotguns required or encouraged. The technique that works best is to launch a tandem canoe and have the bow person hold to the bank or something stable while the stern paddler wields the pole or tree pruner. Please be cognizant of this reality: if the sprig drops into the water instead of in someone’s boat, it sinks rapidly; and leaning out of the boat to retrieve the sprig could result in more than a wet arm. Boaters have been known to swim involuntarily reaching so far that they upset the boat. That’s why we try to “thwart,” gather a number of boats side by side to form a platform. I’ve seen some fancy catches by boaters so that the sprig doesn’t land in the water or form an unusually fancy decoration on someone’s toboggan.

In all the years I have launched on the Upper or Lower Little Rivers in December, I do not recall ever being inordinately frigid. Often it is sunny enough to cause shedding of extra layers of wool or polypropylene. Believe it or not.

I’ll try to remember to bring along and give to anyone who wishes to have them boughs pruned annually from my “Dwarf Junipers,” which continue to threaten to become Giant Junipers. These boughs make lovely table or mantle decorations and make the whole house smell nice. Maybe I’ll even bring along some specially fragrant cedar branches to give away. Sometimes we come upon a holly tree down across the river. Then we take home some really beautiful decorations. So bring your hand pruner with a string and float attached in case it gets dropped in the water.

Doug Helms has agreed to coordinate this traditional holiday expedition. His e-mail address is dhelms9@triad.rr.com.

It surely will be wonderful to see you on the Upper Little River December 4.

Forrest Altman